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    Rules you have to accept to be a member of our family


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    Rules you have to accept to be a member of our family

    Post  taxiinvolos on Tue Mar 13, 2012 12:47 am

    The following rules are necessary to be applied from anyone in this family.

    • 1. You have to be older than 14 years old to join the family. We have members form 18 to 34 right now in the family. Of course we can make exceptions and get younger members in cases of real life of family relations; for example a little brother
      2. English at least at an intermediate level. The official family language is english and only. We are not racists of course. The reason for this rule is that we all come from different countries with completely different languages.We have members from Greece, Romania, India , Pakistan , Bangladesh.
      3. We never attack at duels (face-offs) members of our family. I believe this rule is self explanatory. We don't want to take money or reduce honour from our kind Smile
      4. Every member has to give to the family 100 APs (activity points) every day, or at least 700 APs per week. This rule is here in order to have active members. Of course we are not crazy. If someone doesnt make it for a week or two we are not going to kick him out.
      5.If someone has to leave for a scheduled task or has not to be active for several days, because of real life obligations, he can declare so, either to the away forum or to a moderator. This is just to make sure that somebody didn't just quit.
      6. Promotions. Promotions occur after you stayed in the family more than 10 days. There are two ways to get promoted after the 10 days have passed. a. donate 500gold b. become really usefull to the family. This happens through lots of APs , joining battles helping the family in general.The first promotion is this of a Capo. The second promotion can occur two months after one became a capoup to the rank of a Consigliere . This happens rearly to family members who have proven their value. These people are regular gold donators, join almost every fight, are very active and work for the best of the family through time.
      7. Godfather : Taxiinvolos , Consigliere : DON AIB , OoOoMariusoOoO and Ali Hash. These are the founder members of this family and have ranks by default.
      8. It is necessary to have read and accepted the former rules. :p

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